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What Does Re-Roofing Involve?

Re-roofing is the most efficient and least costly way to restore your roof’s look and feel. During re-roofing, a new shingle overlay is put over your worn tiles to restore the look of your roof as well as give a protective layer to help prevent water from leaking into your home.

Can I pressure wash my roof?

We do not advise using a high-pressure washer on your asphalt shingles, as this can cause striping of granules. Similarly, pressure washing tiles will erode the finishing on the tiles. On average cleaning, a roof should be done from after five years after it’s fitted, and you should use a soft wash system that uses low …

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What is the best time of year to replace a roof?

The best time to replace your roof is from spring to early summer, as this will allow for (hopefully) dry and warm weather, allowing the process to flow with less disruption and additional stress.

How much do roofers charge?

Homeowners are always looking for good roofers, but they can’t find any that don’t charge an arm and a leg. Normally qualified roofers will charge around £200 per day, however this can vary drastically depending on the nature of the job and the type of roof. The average homeowner spends £5,000 on their roof every …

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